Undercoating Service

The auto mechanics at Walker Automotive are the professionals to help you with undercoating and other auto repairs. The salt that is spread on New London and Wilmot area roads during the winter months plays havoc with the steel parts of your car or truck. It gets everywhere, causing rust and corrosion and expensive repairs. But there is a solution, and that is undercoating.

At Walker Automotive, we offer undercoating/rustproofing using a great product called “Corrosion Free”. It’s a Canadian product that’s used by the Canadian military, so you know it’s tough. The Canadian Military only chose it after doing extensive testing of all the rustproofing/undercoating products on the market and they rated Corrosion Free #1.

Corrosion Free is recommended to be applied to your car or truck every 18 months. That’s 50 percent longer than other brands that are recommended every 12 months. Vehicles that are treated with Corrosion Free within the first 3 model years, have a rust-through warranty on the coated areas, as long as they are treated every 18 months thereafter. That can save you from thousands of dollars in repair costs and increase the value of the vehicle at trade-in or sale. This undercoating service is offered by our auto mechanics year-round, not just in the fall like most shops.  Even undercoating your vehicle once in its life is well worth it!  It can help deter new and slow down the progression of current rust and corrosion.

Get on the road to a rust-free vehicle today by having Corrosion Free applied by the auto mechanics at Walker Automotive. Schedule an appointment online or call (603) 727-4367. Walker Automotive is located at 3 Deerwood Drive, Wilmot, NH 03287.


For more information please visit the Corrosion Free website HERE

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