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If you live in the New London and Wilmot area, chances are you have two sets of tires for your car or truck: warm-weather tires and snow tires. At Walker Automotive, in addition to auto repair, we specialize in tire sales and service, which we and our auto mechanics consider an essential part of you and your car’s safety equipment. It is, after all, “where the rubber meets the road.”

Walker Automotive offers all major tire brands and sizes. The average New Hampshire resident needs to purchase the appropriate tires for the changing seasons, and our friendly team of auto mechanics are here to help. Our goal is to help keep you and your passengers safe any time you drive, and our tire sales and service offerings help meet that goal.

Tires provide the proper grip in varying seasonal road conditions, so it’s important to keep on top of your tires’ maintenance, including proper inflation. Correct air pressure has a profound effect on the way your car or truck handles and also contributes greatly to fuel efficiency. Tire rotation is equally important, as this procedure allows the tires to wear evenly. This can also have the benefit of preventing costly auto repairs down the road.

Walker Automotive has earned a well-deserved reputation in the New London and Wilmot area as a full-service auto repair shop and the fact that we also offer tire sales and service puts us just one more step ahead of the competition. Come into Walker Automotive today to have our auto mechanics take at look at your tires. Schedule an appointment online or call (603) 727-4367. Walker Automotive is located at 3 Deerwood Drive, Wilmot, NH 03287.


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