Three Things You Should Know During Tire Swap-over Season

Winter is officially over and we are beginning to see signs of Spring. The sun is shining in the sky, the grass is starting to show, and soon the flowers will be flourishing. We are beginning to put away our winter coats and break out our lighter sweaters, but what about your vehicles? This is what we at Walker Automotive like to call the swap-over season, as it is time to swap out those snow tires for some more appropriate all-season tires.

What should you know about swap-over season? Here are a few critical facts:


  1. Winter tires are specifically designed for winter, as the name suggests. They provide for extra grip on those snowy and ice surfaces, along with freezing temperatures. Even though winter tires are exceptionally safe for that climate, they aren’t the best choice for Spring driving. Winter tires will also wear much quicker on springtime roads cleared of snow.

  2. When should the swap-over take place? A guideline to go by is when the temperatures are consistently higher than 40 degrees. However, this can vary; our team at Walker Automotive can decide based on your driving habits whether this is a guideline you should follow.

  3. Not only do winter tires wear out faster than all-season tires, but they also do not have the same capabilities as all-season tires. You may find your winter tires feeling soft and squishy, which doesn’t make for fun or safe driving when you need to execute a quick maneuver on a road that is not icy or snowy.

  4. It is an excellent time to have your alignment evaluated and corrected if needed. The only way to ensure the best wear and life of your all-season tires.

On a side note, keep your eye out for potholes! Any roads damaged by winter weather conditions are bound to be covered in potholes, and potholes are not your tires’ friends. Our team can examine your tires to ensure the tire pressure is at the appropriate level and ready for any potholes you can’t avoid.

Swap-over season is here, which means it is time to head on over to the team at Walker Automotive. We will set you up with the right set of all-season tires for you and your vehicle. Because we stand by values of honesty and transparency, we will be upfront with you each step of the way. Out with the old and in with the new -- new, all-season tires that are! Make your appointment today.


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