Ten Organizational Hacks For Your Vehicle

Since summer is here and school is out, you might find yourself spending more time in your vehicle, especially with your little ones. You might also find yourself struggling with keeping your car cleaned and organized, and that’s where we come in. Here are the top ten organizational hacks for your vehicle: 

Get some seat covers, and if they have seat covers, even better, as this an excellent way to protect the interior of your vehicle, while keeping some items tucked away in the pockets. 
Make sure to clean all the crumbs that fall underneath and between your seats. It might surprise you to see what was hiding there. 
Keep an eye on your cupholders. They are prone to get dirty rather quickly. 
Adding a trash can or bag to your vehicle is an excellent way to keep your vehicle clean. 
Use a tissue box and a plastic shopping bag as a makeshift trash can. 
You can also purchase trash cans designed for vehicles. 
A hanging shoe organizer is an ingenious way to keep your vehicle organized, especially if you have little ones with even little crayons and toys. 
Suction cup window trays are an inventive way to keep your car clean and tidy. 
Don’t forget about your door compartments. 
Organize your trunk too! 

You can focus on the interior of your vehicle, and our team can go under the hood and examine your engine. Your car’s engine needs to be organized too, as there are seemingly thousands of different components in your car that all need to work in harmony. Make your appointment today for an inspection. 


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